Famous Twin Celebrities

Many people who aren't twins have wished they had a twin at some point in their lives. Imagine all the trouble you could cause, and fun you could have, by playing some pranks. (MORE)

Fraternal Combo, Twin Boy and Girl

The doctor says you are having twins. Now it is important to secure as much knowledge as you possibly can to prepare. Fraternal twins can either be a set of girls, set of boys (MORE)

Early Development of Twins in Pregnancy

So an ultrasound has confirmed you are having twins. What an amazing development. In fact, of all pregnancies, only two percent result in twins. Of those pregnancies, 70 perce (MORE)

What Technicians Are Looking for During Twin Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds, also known as sonograms, are one of the most reliable forms of imaging used for monitoring the development of babies during pregnancy. Most pregnant women will ha (MORE)