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Early Development

A Closer Look at Breast Feeding Twins for First Time Moms

In the past 20 years, twin birth rates have risen by a whopping 76%. It may come as no surprise when you see two heartbeats instead of one on your first ultrasound, especially if twins run in your family. Today, one in every 30 babies born in America is a twin. Even though twins provide double the blessing, raising twins still involves major preparation. One of the most common issues that new mothers of twins struggle with is breast feeding twins for the first time. Here are some helpful tips to consider when breast feeding newborn twins....(more)

What Technicians Are Looking for During Twin Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds, also known as sonograms, are one of the most reliable forms of imaging used for monitoring the development of babies during pregnancy. Most pregnant women will have at least one ultrasound during their pregnancy, and if they are expecting twins, they will probably have several. Ultrasounds performed on twin pregnancies are very useful in detecting any possible problems with the babies or mother, and they can also help determine the gender of the twins. Not only is the imaging minimally invasive without the use of radiation, but it often helps assure parents that their twins are, indeed, developing within normal range....(more)

Understanding Fingerprints of Identical Twins

Identical twins have been garnering curiosity and some misconceptions through the general populous. As a parent of identical twins, you likely do not give much consideration to their fingerprint patterns. However, there are many geneticists who have spent much time wondering about the topic and considering the factors determining the fingerprint patterns of identical twins. The general consensus is that identical twins? fingerprints are also identical. The fact is, however, that the fingerprints of identical twins will most likely be more alike than the fingerprints of other siblings, but still carry individual and unique characteristics....(more)

Early Development of Twins in Pregnancy

So an ultrasound has confirmed you are having twins. What an amazing development. In fact, of all pregnancies, only two percent result in twins. Of those pregnancies, 70 percent are fraternal or non-identical, and 30 percent are identical. No matter which type of twins you are having, your little ones will be developing more and more each day until you are finally able to see and hold them. For right now, however, you probably have several questions about their development. Learning about how they are growing inside you will help you feel more at ease about your pregnancy and more in touch with your sweet little babies....(more)

Pregnancy With Twins

Could You Be Pregnant with Twins?

Twins are not an uncommon phenomenon. In 2008, 32.6 out of every 1,000 births were twins. If you're pregnant, this means there's about a 32.6 percent chance that you are carrying twins. Other multiple birth rates are much lower. In the same year, 147.6 births out of 100,000 were quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, or septuplets. If you're in the early stages of pregnancy, there are some signs that you can look out for that you might be carrying twins....(more)

A Variety of Twin Pregnancy Pictures

Every woman's body changes with pregnancy. When you are pregnant with twins, your body will go through more dramatic changes than the body of a woman who is pregnant with a singleton pregnancy. Looking through pictures of other women who were pregnant with twins can help put your mind at ease about these changes. Seeing pictures of twin ultrasounds and other graphics can also be fun and helpful....(more)

Pregnant With Twins? 5 Signs That You Could Be

If you have just received the good news that you're expecting, congratulations. But could double congratulations be in order? After all, you could be carrying two bundles of joy. About 3 percent of all births in the United States are twin births. The odds are greater the longer you wait to have children and if you have been the recipient of any fertility therapies. So how do you know at this early stage in the game that you are in fact pregnant with twins. Here are five signs that should raise your hopes....(more)

Preparing for Twins

9 Common Twin Myths That Aren't True

Preparing for twins requires more planning than just buying double everything. If you are pregnant with multiples, you should be prepared to debunk myth after myth that well-meaning friends and family will throw your way. Twins share a special bond, but they are still individuals, and as their parent, it is up to you to protect them from silly stereotypes. Arm yourself with the facts....(more)

How to Take Pictures of Twins

Nothing can prepare you for twins. They are double the fun and double the trouble. Parents of twins often have a hard time photographing their children. It is difficult to get one child to look at the camera and smile. Twins are therefore doubly hard to photograph. It takes extra effort to photograph more than one child at a time. Here are a few tips to help you photograph your twins successfully....(more)